Epic(self) Skype Workout

Fitting I start this blog with a post about something 7-8 years ago I would never have seen myself doing. 

I just got done with an awesome bodyweight pilates workout with Amber from Epicself.  I have been a regular reader of the blog for quite some time now and almost always find something interesting to think about reading it.  Recently, I was excited because she launched a Virtual Pilates exercise session using the amazing skype service.  

After spending two whole days deciding what to say I submitted the application for a free one hour session and lo and behold I actually got chosen!  For a snippet of what I said check this post here.  My paragraph is right above this guy:

image Please note: I look nothing like this at all!  (Nor do I ever want to either!)

Her response is just below the roid-man and believe me, she is entirely accurate when she says “This was just part of his answer!” I can be quite verbose and wordy when I have something to say and want to make sure I get my point across.  Something that serves me well as an English Major I feel. 

The session itself was as I said awesome. Amber really knows what she is talking about and put me through a great workout focusing on core and spine work with some hips/legs/shoulders thrown in for good measure.  Wait a minute, that just about covers the entire body doesn’t it?  


Anyway it is and was a phenomenal full body workout and she has keen eye to spot areas that need adjustment and tweaking.  Even through the brand-new webcam I had bought specifically for this. 

I would highly recommend dropping her an email if you are interested.  The one word of advice I would have is be honest regarding your experience with any sort of fitness/exercise because she can and does tailor her approach to the individual’s level.  I have been a martial artist for years, have spent some time on yoga, and now weightlifting regularly so I wasn’t a complete newbie on how to move and hold my body in specific positions and actions per her instructions.  She is quite aware of the different approaches needed depending on the user’s previous experience, something I confirmed for myself afterwards.

I feel that for what you get the cost benefit ratio is extremely good and while I won’t reveal details,  leaving that up to her.  As a university student when money is always an issue, I believe it is eminently doable and worthwhile for those who are serious about an alternative approach at your convenience when local options aren’t available.   

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Actual post coming soon.

I am going to do a bigger and better intro post this weekend. However, I decided to give my blogging a little focus by creating this new one: chronicling my adventures as an English Major at University with my ongoing fitness quest.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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