My name is Joshua and please please please call me Joshua.  I detest when I introduce myself as Joshua to someone and they immediately default to josh.  I will never call myself josh so it is another sign that people don’t pay much attention.

I am an English Major looking to get my B.A. in Literature with two minors, one in Writing and the other in TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language).  While at the same time balancing my growing interest in and experiences with fitness in all its forms.

I have martial arts for around 7 years or so now and in a long-term study of Iaido.  (See me above re-sheathing my practice sword at the end of a waza/kata)

Recently I have started weightlifting /strength training and enjoying it so far.  As well as  starting virtual Pilates(see my first post)

So this blog is a way for me to reconcile two areas of my life that seem quite different and bringing them in balance.  So expect fitness posts and ones dealing with life as a university student in general and an English Major specifically.

To ask questions in addition to posting comments here, drop by my formspring page here: It is an anonymous Q&A website, so don’t be shy.

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